Why use ShortPixel to compress and optimize images?


It’s difficult to envision any site today without having pictures that give importance and meaning to the site content. Indeed, even primary blog sites can be seen stacked with different images. The reason is straightforward – A photo is to be sure justified regardless of a thousand words! The correct picture can enormously impact a visitor in understanding the given message and in the long run make a substantial interest for your site content. Presently, there are numerous approaches to utilize pictures to support your web-based content promoting endeavors adequately.

ShortPixel utilizes a picture examining software combined with tweaked open source programming to take into account ideal compression results. Some of the key advantages and highlights of ShortPixel, in light of the experience of customers who are utilizing its image compression and optimization feature for Social Barrel site which is a ‘WordPress’ based site, are discussed in this article.

ShortPixel can improve pictures separately from the Media Library or the Bulk page situated under the Media section in the software itself. It is quick and productive. The ratio of image compression is just astounding. ShortPixel can work genuinely well with the new pictures as well. ShortPixel consequently diminishes the size of new pictures. While you continue completing your day to day task, ShortPixel will continue working silently in the background, compressing all your images.

ShortPixel main features

The dashboard of ShortPixel gives the settings as well as statistics to your present arrangement. Optimizable picture designs incorporate PNG, JPG, GIF and PDF file formats.

Highlights included with ShortPixel:

  • Compression – The compression can either be lossless or with the loss. Both these features are available in the free version.
  • Picture Sizes – All thumbnail picture sizes can likewise be compacted however each of these compression checks toward towards the monthly limit.
  • EXIF Data – You can pick to expel all EXIF information however not singular elements.
  • Resize Images – All transferred pictures can be resized to a greatest width or stature.

ShortPixel offers an assortment of pricing choices including:

  • FREE – One of the best free designs accessible. You can upgrade up to 100 pictures with or without loss compression without any limitations on the file size.
  • Paid Plans – Starting at just $4.99/month for 5000 pictures (no limit on size) with their Short arrangement and climbing to $29.99/month for 55,000 pictures on their XXL plan.

ShortPixel installation

It takes one moment to sign up for a ShortPixel account and get the API key from their official website. The free monthly account incorporates 100 image compression and optimization credits. You can easily utilize these credits to compress and optimize images for your site.

The most straightforward approach to installing ShortPixel is from the plugins area of the WordPress dashboard. Simply go there, tap the ‘Add New’ button and locate the ShortPixel in there. At that point, open the plugin settings, and effectively validate the API key you got in your email when you signed up. After these steps, ShortPixel is locked and loaded to compress and optimize your images. The process will hardly take five minutes.

Types of image compression

Lossy: (Recommended) Lossy offers the best image compression rate and will reduce your picture size impressively. 99% of the time, the human eye won’t have the capacity to differentiate.

Glossy: (Best for picture takers and photographers) Offers some compression, however, keeps up quality for high-resolution pictures.

Lossless: (Only in uncommon cases) Gives exceptionally negligible compression yet may be required for specialized illustrations or pictures from vector designs.

ShortPixel general settings

Incorporate Thumbnails: (Recommended) This will easily compress and optimize all sizes of the picture, and not simply the full-size image.

Picture Backups: (Recommended) Keeping backups will enable you to restore your original pictures in case something goes wrong.

CMYK to RGB Conversion: (Recommended) CMYK is utilized in print, while RGB is for pictures on the web.

Evacuate EXIF Data: (Recommended) This is additional data that is ordinarily not required.

Resize Large Images: If you transfer substantial pictures (3000px+ wide), you should empower this option. Experts prescribe setting your pictures to a most extreme width of 2000-2500px and a maximum height of around 1200-1500px.

ShortPixel advanced Settings

Extra Media Folders: Notwithstanding your Media Library, you can pick pictures put away in different areas likewise to get streamlined.

Convert PNG to JPG: Experts don’t prescribe this alternative. On the off chance that you transfer transparent PNG pictures, you will lose the transparency on the off chance that you convert them to JPG.

WebP Versions: (Optional) WebP pictures can be relatively smaller in size as compared to the JPG or PNG. ShortPixel can make a .webp form of each picture you transfer.

Upgrade PDFs: (Recommended) Give ShortPixel a chance to streamline your PDF documents to diminish their file size.

Advance Media on Upload: (Recommended) This implies ShortPixel will consequently upgrade all pictures transferred to the Media Library.

ShortPixel online tools

Notwithstanding the ShortPixel WordPress plugin, you can likewise utilize their online tools. The free, online image compression and optimization tools accompany a few confinements, yet give a simple method to test the level of optimization and compression you can achieve by using the plugin itself.


  • Pocket-Friendly
  • High Compression Levels
  • Amazing Image Quality
  • Monthly free image credits
  • Image optimization and compression in bulk
  • Never expiring one-time credit plans


  • Zip uploader not available
  • Panoramic images can get blurred


Compared to other famous image compression and optimization software accessible in the market, ShortPixel offers a decent value for your money in the light of features, budget, and client support it offers. While a portion of its competitors may offer two or three additional features, different focal points offered by ShortPixel makes it a solid player in the image compression and optimization domain.

ShortPixel is easy to install and utilize, comprehending all picture enhancement needs of WordPress clients. The picture compression is extremely successful, enhanced pictures being significantly smaller in size, without any loss in the photo quality.

On the off chance that the free arrangement isn’t sufficient for you, their prices are extremely focused and competitive, and I am almost certain that you will discover a paid plan that is appropriate for your requirements.

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