Are All VPN Services Safe For Browsing Internet?

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VPN or Virtual Private Network can be a safe way to connect to the internet. It helps in protecting your online data and privacy. By using a VPN you can also open up those areas online that are blocked due to your location. However, if you think that a VPN is your license to do any illegal activities then you are wrong. By picking the right VPN you can ensure your data security and privacy online.

The most secure VPNs to choose

If you choose the right VPN you can be sure about your data security. When the VPN service is safe it helps in connecting you to the web world securely without the fear of any unwanted eyes prying on your personal data. However, if the VPN is not good enough the security that you think you has is false. Thus, do not overthink and just go for those VPN that are known for its services. Some of them are mentioned here.


It is not just another VPN service that boasts about its security features but comes with features that makes the whole thing simple and faster. Like there is Ozone, which is a content filtering tool, it helps in filtering that content that comes to you. Apart from that it has intrusion detection feature which alerts the system when someone tries to hack the system. Another tool called Gravity is an ad blocker which will block any unwanted ads that appears while browsing internet.


Another VPN service that is worth mentioning, it takes the security of the system very seriously. In order to protect your information it has military grade 256 bit AES encryption active. In case you want to use any public Wi-Fi connection then it will be of great help. There is a Kill Switch Option that acts as a built in malware blocking system. It is quite fast and effective and different features that it provides make it so popular.

Are free VPNs safe?

Apart from the ones mentioned above there are many VPN services that are free but the question is whether they safe enough to use?

When you take and sign for any agreement related to free VPN you will find that you are signing off for some security features. They may be as simple as some targeted advertising but they may proof dangerous as they may hinder your browsing experience as well as you may have to share the bandwidth with others.

Is VPNs safe for online banking?

Another question that one may come across often? Yes, paid VPN services are quite reliable in terms of security and thus when you are not familiar with any Wi-Fi network a VPN connection gives you the security you are looking for.

If you are at your home then your ISP connection may be good enough but when you are sharing the connection it’s better to be safe and thus it is good enough if you try to get the VPN services there.

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  1. It is really hard to point the most secure VPN service, however I’m pretty confident that NordVPN is secure and still it’s fast. Of course as fast as VPN can be. You have to realize that all your traffic goes through additional route, so it can’t be faster that a direct traffic. You can try NordVPN with no risk as there is money back guarantee. They are pretty confident about their service’s quality.

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