Different ways of using link shortening tools like Bitly

Click tracking tools like JotURL

The concept of URL shortening has evolved during 2000 and after that it has come a long way. Apart from using your JotURL for link shortening here are few others things that can be done today.

Link masking with JotURL

It is obvious that with a help of a URL shortened you can mask the original web address. Now consumers may be worried about this masking as they may not know that which link is containing something malicious. The spammers and hackers can take advantage of this masking feature that is not good for consumers. However, modern day browsers are good enough to provide necessary security as they have security features that will stop from any kind of such activities.

With the help of proper link masking it will be possible for you to share a particular message in your social message. Apart from that link masking is useful for hiding any ugly affiliate link, for shortening a domain that is quite lengthy, and so on. In this context it should be mentioned that link masking should not be confused with link cloaking. The latter provides wrong information to the search engine that is not at all good for overall SEO. It is considered as black hat SEO practice and should be avoided by any means.

Link shortening with JotURL

When it comes to sharing link what is considered better, something that is too good or a short and crisp link? The answer is quite obvious. It is simple to remember a short URL and memorize it rather than remembering the lengthy one.

You will share a short URL with others and at the same time will make sure that in your presentation you will link a short URL and not a large one. Using a short URL has many advantages and while presenting a presentation or making a copy for promoting your product or just sharing a message it is easy to use a short link rather than using a large one. Link shortening is the best way to present your link in a presentable way to the masses.

Link tracking with JotURL

Among various other reasons link tracking is another reason for shortening the link. Any digital marketers will like to know the results of their efforts and by using a link shortened it is possible to finally track the links and know the results of your efforts. There are different ways by which a digital marketer will do that and once you hand over your project to a professional person you too can get advantage of the same.

With the help of it you can view how many real clicks are there are how many spiders or bots have visited the link. You can have idea about the actual number of visitors and how many of them are converted. You can get your daily breakdown and formulate your digital planning accordingly.

JotURL is an effective way of handling your links in a better way to your consumers and other users. Is JotURL a perfect Bitly alternative? Yes, indeed.

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