Tools that help managing Social Media profiles and accounts

Social Media management tools

Most businesses now rely on social media marketing for promoting their brand. It may seem simple that you are just posting some content on social media, but the task is tedious, especially when there are so many well-known platforms to manage. It consists not only of scheduling updates and monitoring the responses in social media platforms but is something beyond that. You need to draw up calendars, create strategies, create content that are trending, make visuals, find out influencers and also respond back to queries.

Social Media management tools will help

Many may try to handle all these manually but the efforts will not worth the time that you spend. Thus, you can use different social media management tools that will simplify the whole process and at the same time will maximize the results. Here is list of a few tools that have proved helpful over time.


The social media tool will help you in your social media marketing efforts including helping in creating images and then running different ads based on them. There is drag’n’drop visual editor that will help in creating posts and then it allows you to schedule them in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.

You can get content idea for more than 15 industries as you can find different royalty free stock photo out there. The Smart posting feature will also assist you in getting content ideas based on the date. Once the images are created they can be set at the smart scheduling tool for posting at the right time based on the type of industry your business is from.

It is also useful in getting clients feedback and react according to that. Overall it is one of the best tools for managing your social media status.


When you are looking for any enterprise level social media management tool Hootsuite is a nice option. It is used by more than 10million professionals worldwide. It helps in scheduling and analyzing all your campaigns active on social media from one platform. It has a social stream that allows you to track social media activities that are relevant. It is helpful even for getting engaged with your audience.


When you are looking for a social media management tool that is feature packed then Agorapulse should be your first choice. It helps in scheduling content for various social media platforms at the same place. You can also get dynamic reports from which you can understand your position at different social networks. You can also manage your social media inbox with the help of this tool. It let you get access to all the inboxes of different social media platforms at one place.

It not only let you customize the reports but you can also export them to power point that will allow you to make presentations with it.

The list of different tools is long, but while you choose any one of them make sure you check out these features so that you know which is perfect for you. You must know your requirement and then get one.

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  1. Amanda, thanks for this article. I’m also a huge fan of PromoRepublic. I also own SocialBee, but I haven’t had time to get familiar with this tool. I miss auto-publishing from feeds in PromoRepublic. I heard it was already in roadmap some time ago, but it’s not there yet.

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