What are the top features of ShortPixel image optimization tool?

ShortPixel image optimization

An image optimization plugin, ShortPixel provides users with professional-grade features. It lets users compress images while focusing on content. It is easily one of the most affordable image compression solutions in the market, and works to make optimization a convenient process for users. Every plugin feature of ShortPixel is included within its free plan, the only variance between the professional and the free plans being the quantity of images that can be optimized. With the free plan, users are restricted to only variance 100 images every month while there are no such restrictions with the many paid plans that are there for you to pick from. Find out about some of the most important features of ShortPixel.

Image compression not only for WordPress

It is of course the primary reason for the existence of the ShortPixel plugin. With this feature, you can optimize and compress images that you have.

There are three levels of compression that you may select from. Thus, you may prefer to optimize for higher page load times, or prefer to preserve some more of the image quality. The choice is yours entirely.

You have to check the Media Library to see more details about image compression. Note that you should be in the “list” mode in order to check information about ShortPixel’s compression capabilities in your own Media Library.

The plugin supports image file types of WebP, GIF, PNG and JPG. There is optimization support for every common image file type that can be found today on the web. This includes the animated .gif as well as the newer .webp file format.

WebP conversion available in ShortPixel

The WebP Conversion of the ShortPixel plugin ensures that users can get lossless image quality. WebP, as you know, is the newest Google standard that ensures smaller lossy and lossless images while ensuring that the picture quality is maintained.

The WebP conversion service is free of cost. However, it must be remembered that you have to carry out a bulk optimization to be able to convert your pictures to the standard of WebP. In other words, you need to run through images that you have compressed already.

The plugin can easily be used. If you are not very fluent with technology, you might be slightly intimidated with the various steps that you have to take with ShortPixel. However, ShortPixel ensures that images can be resized to desired sizes. You can have images compressed automatically, based on the type of compression that you choose.

PDF compression

The plugin offers support for PDF files. It can optimize and compress all the PDF files that are there. When you use this feature, you will be pleasantly surprised to see a significant decrease in file size with no apparent difference in the image quality.

Optimize automatically upon upload

Each time you upload any image to your own Media Library, you can have it optimized automatically – although on the basis of your own personalized settings. This is a very easy feature, given that ShortPixel plugin deals with everything once you configure the settings.

Optimize thumbnails and full images as well

The ShortPixel plugin can optimize the actual image as well as compress each additional size that is created automatically by WordPress for you.

Optimize images outside media library

The plugin can cover you in case you store images anywhere apart from your own Media Library. Simply enter the location of any folder where you would wish to store the images, and you will have them easily optimized for you as well.

Restore original images

You may prefer restoring the image to its original size and quality or have it re-optimized with varied settings. If ever you want to have the original images restored and get rid of the ShortPixel compression, it can be actualized with a single click. It is a workable solution for standalone images and also for bulk image restoration.

The original versions of all your images are stored by ShortPixel in a folder present in your own server. This will need more disk space. In WordPress, all the original images get stored in the location:


In case you have low disk space, and would be okay with compressed images, you may try bulk deleting all the original photos stored in the backup folder of ShortPixel.

Bulk image optimization in ShortPixel

The ShortPixel plugin has an intuitive and basic bulk optimization screen. If you would like to optimize a cluster of images that you have uploaded already, you can use this useful feature of ShortPixel. There are two options to use:

• Choose particular images for bulk optimization
• Bulk-optimize each image in the Media Library
The plugin has a simple, intuitive interface that can be used for bulk optimization of images. You may use the feature to:
• View a breakdown of the actual images compared to automatically generated images of thumbnail size.
• View the number of images that are left to be exactly optimized.

You may also have your full Media Library bulk-restored in case you would like to have all your images restored to their actual versions.

Bulk image resizing

It works easily with a button click, while ensuring that there is back up for all your original images. This can help you get them restored if you choose. It can also be useful in case you feel that you do not like the lossy compression.

No limit on image file size

A few plugins for optimization of images have limitations on the size that images have to be to be optimized. There is no such limitation with ShortPixel. The images for you can be as big as you want, and still optimize them.

Compare images visually

The image comparison tool is undoubtedly one of the best features of ShortPixel. Once there is compression of an image, you may preview the actual image very quickly with the image that you have compressed, by placing them side-by-side. A detailed comparison can easily help you to understand the superior quality of this image compression plugin that is growing increasingly popular with online users.

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