What makes Airbnb a choice over hotels and motels


Airbnb has brought in new idea in the hospitality industry. You need not own a large property for hosting guests, but with Airbnb your small ranch house can also be a great place for guests. It allows individuals to lists their property and then hosts guests. This is reason that Airbnb has grown from a small online hub to lodging industry in itself within just 11 years.

Airbnb becomes more and more popular

As Airbnb gradually got the market it was able to fill in the gap that was created by hoteliers. Now, travelers got the chance to stay in a more localized locations with hospitality that is more personalized. The question that is arising now is that whether Airbnb will be a threat to the hotel business or not? Let’s explore.

Embracing digital innovation and technology

Airbnb is also tech driven and thus they are using the same method just like the hoteliers. They are posing threat to the hoteliers as travelers do not have to stay only in the hotels. They have got a choice whereby they can live in different creative rental stays. It gives them the essence of the place where the travelers in traveling.

Above all, any of the listing on the Airbnb site is not owned by them! They only provide the platform that keeps them a step ahead of the hotels where the hoteliers need to manage the properties too.

Get a tailored hosting experience

An Airbnb stay is different from any hotel stay because when you book an accommodation in Airbnb you got to know the hosts too. Even before you arrive at the location you can get acquainted with the hosts that makes you feel that you are not going to any new place where there are no known person. Rather you feel at home.

Apart from that the hosts in order to get good reviews will always help their guests in getting a good idea about the place. In short they can be your personal tour guide too. It’s like getting a tailored hosting experience when you are staying at any Airbnb place.

Customer satisfaction at a whole new level

No doubts that hotels will always focus on providing utmost customer satisfaction, but they can never compare to the satisfaction that an Airbnb accommodation will provide. There are many benefits that the guests get there which makes them feel right at home. Moreover, at the Airbnb accommodation they get the chance to meet the local people and understand the culture.

Moreover when a guest books an Airbnb accommodation they are not confined to the check-in and check-out rules. They can have more members if they have discussed it with the hosts. All these makes traveling more fun and flexible for the travelers.

Undoubtedly, Airbnb have posed a challenge to the hoteliers at many places but at the major destinations still hotels seems to be the best options that an individual can have for the safety they get.

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