Use social proofs in your emails while marketing your products

Social proof in email marketing

It is known that email marketing is successful when you are able to convince your potential customers with them. Like, you must have seen photographs of any fitness program. There are two images. One showing the fat person that is tagged as “before” and the other showing the fit person that is tagged as “after.” You are convinced that if someone else can you too can.

Social proof increases effectiveness

This idea of convincing customers with a photograph or other ideas is known as social proof. It works as guidance to other customers about how they can change. Actually it is a psychological trigger that helps in influencing others for buying any product or services. They are found to be very useful as they help the customers take a decision based on the proof they have in front of them.

Do you know that you can include social proof in your emails and convince your customers while your email marketing campaigns? Here is how.

Add quotes

Ask your satisfied customer to leave behind a quote for the product they have used and say why they love it. You can also take comments or quotes from your social media feeds. Then include them appropriately in your emails.

Once a new user read these they will gain confidence on your product and try it out. This way the overall sales will increase as customers get some feedback from the users about the product even before they research about it.

Appeal statistically

Data has its own power and there are people who are convinced easily when proper statistical data is presented in front of them. It has been found that people always seem to trust numbers and if you can give data about how the quality of products is effective lives, your customers will show interest in them.

Like, if you provide SEO services and you gave feedback on how implementing a particular strategy helped in increasing revenue for many, new customers will also ask for the strategy and want to know if it works for them too!

Let ratings do the work

Do your product have a 5/5 ratings on many retail online stores? Share the information with your subscribers.

When you have great reviews and good ratings it shows that users like your product and what can be a better social proof for your product or services? Your prospects will show interest and they may even check out other pages and go through reviews to learn about your product better. The final result can be that the prospect changes into a customer and you get the results.

Case studies are also important

If you have a customer who has used your product and is highly satisfied with it then ask them to share their experience. There are ads for beauty products where normal ladies share that how their life changed after using the particular product!

Actually they want to take you in confidence and you must do that for your products too. Create the email in such way that you are able to convey the message from one who is highly satisfied and wants others to be satisfied.

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