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Effective social media management can provide competitive edge to businesses. It can help them engage the potential customers and convert them into actual customers. Managing the multiple social media platforms, scheduling of the posts to be published and responding to the responses on the post can be a tedious work. Midrub is social media tool which allows users to publish post across 20 social media platforms and also plan email campaigns. The benefits of using Midrub are provided below.

Ease of managing multiple social platforms

Social media platforms are growing rapidly. There are multiple social media platforms and publishing across each one of them manually is difficult. Tracking the posts on multiple platforms and responding to them individually can become a cumbersome task. This is where Midrub comes to the rescue of the users. It can be used to publish posts and RSS feeds across 20 different social media platforms. The tool also allows the users to post on any website which has been created using WordPress. It provides the ease to the users to track their posts and their likes, comments etc. The users can decide to reply to these posts and delete them also if needed automatically.

Schedule posts for better results

Companies are finding ways to use the social media platforms in a better and effective manner which can deliver the planned results. Social media platforms should be actively managed and the posts should be scheduled regularly for creating long-lasting connect with the target audience. Midrub helps the users to schedule their social media posts and decide the date, day, time etc. of their posts. This relieves them from the tedious task of manually publishing their posts on social media. This feature allows them the flexibility of publishing the posts based on their convenience in a manner which provides them the desired output.

Create unlimited email campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable means of online marketing strategies. It can be used to garner new customers and is also effective in customer retention. Planning of the email campaigns and scheduling it to be sent to the prospective customers is a time-consuming task. There are also chances of missing out on sending emails manually as per the schedule. Midrub provides an easy and intuitive solution to this. It allows the users to send unlimited email campaigns to unlimited subscribers on a mailing list.

Users can decide the schedule i.e. day, time etc. of when the email will be sent to the potential customers. This resolves the problem of scheduling and sending emails manually. Midrub also provides professional email campaign templates to choose from to make a lasting impression on the customers.

Regular and free updates

The social media tool Midrub understands the needs of the users and the importance of continuously keep evolving in a highly competitive market. It comes with regular updates which remove the bugs from the previous versions and also enhance the overall user experience. The users can also report any bugs or inconvenience which they are facing to the customer care and the company claims that the same will be resolved latest by the next three days. This customer-oriented approach of Midrub makes it very popular with the businesses and users.

Powerful bots

Midrub provides powerful bots to the users to enhance their productivity using the social media platforms. These bots are not provided in the demo version of the tool. It provides bots like Promotis which allows the users to select the post to be published on Facebook and also schedule the publishing of the comments on a post. The comments published using this bot can consist of text, images, links etc. Twilos is another bot which provides help with the Twitter platform. It allows to search Twitter users and save search results. The users can then be followed or unfollowed manually or automatically. The users can also see the live working statistics of the Twilos bot.

Another Twitter related bot- Retweet- helps the users to create a list of Twitter accounts which will automatically publish the tweets posted by the users. Visam is a bot which helps to search users on VK. The bot can be used to follow or unfollow these users either manually or automatically. The details of the followed and unfollowed users can be seen by the users.

Intuitive Design and Compatibility

Midrub is built using an intuitive design. It has been coded in such a manner that it can run extremely fast even on slow servers. It is a highly responsive and user-friendly platform which is compatible with any browser. This design element provides an enriched user experience and makes it very popular.

Data and Reporting

Users can see the reports pertaining to their social media posts and the response which leads to better social media management. They can access statistics pertaining to the number of posts published across various social media platforms, details of the posts to be published and the details of the expired posts. These reports can help the end users to plan and schedule their social media posts in a better and effective manner.

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