Live chat or call back widget – which one is better?

Callback widget

Every business wants to communicate with their customers fast and the options available now are either Live chat or Call back services. Novocall provides Call back widgets and are quite successful in it, but the question is what is better for your business and which service should you opt for?

Basic idea about the two

Call Back solutions like provided by Novocall and CallPage are online to offline call applications. With the help of these website visitors can have real time interaction through phone calls along with the business. They are better for service based websites and businesses. It becomes easier to explain the complex nature of the business through the call conversation.

Live chat on the other hand is an online chat application. The visitors can have text based chats with the business and know about their queries or even place an order for any product. It enables the system to continue chat with more than one person and it is more popular among the young users.

Thus, the question remains that which should be better for your business. May be the decision can be taken once you know about the pros and cons of both.

Call back widget pros

Now we will deep dig into both of them to understand which is better.

Live chat is becoming common and it is good for multi-tasking. While chatting leads can be engaged in doing some other work.

Most of the live chat apps are quite cheap thus the operative cost does not adds up too much. However, there are certain apps that will charge you on user basis and if you have multiple users then it will be quite costly.

It is good for customer support as you will have ready-made answers that can be provided to the customers and then moved on to another customer.

Now let’s check the advantages of Call back

Call back provides you with powerful conversion channel. You are able to inform them with relevant information that may convince the buyers to buy your products or services. Phone channels have always proved to be great for selling products.

It allows you to build a relationship with your client. By hearing their tone, Volume and reaction over the phone you can change your way of convincing the customer to buy the product.

The customer has great experience as they do not have to call your numbers and wait in queue for talking with your executive. They will give a missed call and get back the call. That’s it.

Call back widget cons

Just the way there are advantages there are certain disadvantages too. Let’s check them out.

Live chat is not considered good for sales as the consumers pitch or voice is not available over the phone. If they stop responding nothing can be done.

Chat conversations are quite time consuming too. Someone may take time to respond to one chat and it will take long time to complete the chat.

On the other hand call back is not good for support as if the customers are asking repetitive questions then it will be wastage of time to answer the same thing again and again.

To conclude

Finally, it can be said that whether you should choose call back or live chat will depend upon the type of product or services you are dealing with. If it is a complicated product nothing can replace a call back phone call.

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