Keyword ranking tracking and accurate tools for this purpose

SEO rank tracking tools

Whether you admit it or not, it is a fact that no one is going to find your business on Yellow pages anymore. Whether you are running a small enterprise or a cottage industry if you need to be known to your customers then the only and the best way is by having good website ranking. It’s true that direct maligning and word of mouth is still important, but now in 2019, if you do not exist on the first page of any SERP then your business will cease to exist very soon.

For SEO thus keywords are most important and what is more important is understanding keyword rankings and then tracking it with the help of right tool.

What are keyword rankings?

You must have idea about what keywords are. For your business you must have chosen any keyword. Now, keyword rankings will measure that where will your site show up after any search for the given keywords that you have chosen.

Now you have to understand it. Suppose you own plumbing services in Austin TX. Your keyword is plumbers Austin TX. When you give the keyword you found that your website comes in 4th position on the search result page. You are happy but when you search with another keyword say “HVAC services Austin TX” you found that you existed nowhere in the first few pages.

Thus, it is clear your rankings will be different for different keywords and you need to know it for getting maximum traffic to your website.

How are keyword rankings determined?

It’s quite simple; the page is ranked according to the relevancy of the keyword with your website. When it comes to plumbers in Austin TX your site was quite relevant. However when someone searched for HVAC services in Austin TX the results are different.

Thus, it becomes important for you to track the keyword and get the best result. How can you do that? There are different tools available there online which helps in tracking the keyword rank and along with that also provide you different services. Some of the popular tools out there are:

• SEMrush who mainly helps in position tracking of any website. Along with that they also provide other services that help you in overall SEO. It also helps in tracking your competitors.

• SE Ranking is again another useful tool that has been helping SEO professionals and can help you too. It also helps in discovering the keywords of your competitors so that you can work on that and develop your own ranking. Whether its keyword suggestion tools or backlinks checker, you will get everything from them.

• SEMSTORM also seems to be one of the useful tool that helps in keyword rank tracking. It is a start-up but has given good performance when it comes to keyword ranking tracking and other allied services.

Don’t be mean when choosing SEO tools

When you really want to ensure that your website gives you best results then you must try to get the best tools and use them. The results will surely make you feel that it was a right decision to use the right tool. I only mentioned 3 rank tracking tools, but you can also have a closer look at RankActive and RankTrackr as well.

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