Is MailWizz the most powerful self-hosted email marketing software?


Email Marketing allows businesses to connect and keep clients and customers up to date on products, launches, and sales. ESP’s or email service providers such an MailWizz allow users to optimize email campaigns by utilizing specific program features.

Email marketing

Automated email systems reduce the amount of time companies spend performing email related tasks. ESP’s such as MailWizz offer features which allow users to engage customers and clients using analytics and user reports for more effective email marketing.The use of email marketing is an invaluable tool for companies to drive sales, keep clients up to date on news, launches, products, and sales. While many email service providers offer “bulk emailing services” which send automated, mass emails. MailWizz’s easy to use dashboard and extensive features allow users to customize and adapt their email marketing techniques to their goals and objectives. Users can import and edit existing email templates, or create new ones right in the application, using the simple to use, but professional looking template builder.

More MailWizz features

Use MailWizz’s API, or application programming interface to link the MailWizz program with other systems including CRM or other customer services applications. The other use of this feature allows users to program automation of very specific tasks. CRM, or customer relationship management programs are programs which manage and record prospective and current customer’s interactions with a company. By analysing customer’s behaviors and history with a company, CRM programs allow users to send more targeted, and thus more effective, email campaigns. MailWizz allows user to import and manage client data and access it on the dashboard resulting in a more integrated and optimized ESP.

Powerful autoresponders

Following up with clients has never been easier with the MailWizz dashboard which allows users to follow up with new clients and email subscribers by sending an automated email. Similarly, autoresponders are effective when reaching out to clients who have received an email and opened it. MailWizz makes it easy for users to reach out to customers when specific actions are triggered on their orders. Autoresponders can be used if a client purchases a specific item, prompting a follow-up email promoting similar items or services, asking for feedback, or alerting the customer to upcoming sales and discounts. Advertising coupon or discount codes via email can help companies significantly boost sales. Some experts suggest coupon codes play a big role in online transactions. As many as 50% of consumers reported they would not have made a purchase without a coupon code.

Cost effective alternative

MailWizz is GDPR compliant and offers safe, reliable and cost-effective email management services. This self-hosted email marketing software can be integrated with any SMTP server and be easily integrated with Amazon SES, SparkPost, SendGrid, and others. You can also use MailWizz to run your own services such as MailChimp or AWeber. MailWizz offers users6 months of free application support, so even if you are just starting out, you are equipped with all the tools you need to create and execute effective email campaigns. MailWizz offers sophisticated features, and professional service for a low price which includes unlimited campaigns to unlimited lists with an unlimited number of subscribers, for just $59USD.


The organized, easy-to-use interface allows users to translate into their preferred language, edit templates easily, customize client lists, use segmentation features, and so much more, for a one-time fee of $59. Email marketing is an integral part of modern marketing strategies and having a reliable and cost-effective ESP will undoubtedly increase productivity.

Do you want to save money on email marketing? Then consider MailWizz.

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