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Instagram is comparatively new social media platform. It has been acquired by Facebook and it continues to grow exponentially. Instagram has more than 800 million monthly users and 500 million daily users and it has developed a lot since its launch in 2010. Businesses are taking note of this wide outreach of Instagram and are exploring it for digital marketing. 90% of the top 100 brands in the world have an Instagram account. Brands are using this social media platform increasingly to reach out to potential customers and enhance their sales and profitability.

A powerful social media tool with modules

Midrub is a popular and effective social media dashboard which allows the clients to use Instagram for digital marketing in a focused manner. It helps in publishing scheduled posts on Instagram and engaging with the potential customers better. It also has powerful Instagram centric bots which make social media management on Instagram using Midrub very intuitive and effective. Some of the powerful Instagram bots provided by Mirdub and their features are as follows:

Find new friends with Instavy

Instavy is a bot designed for Instagram. It allows the clients to find new friends and users on Instagram. It provides the option to the clients to follow or unfollow the users either manually or automatically. Clients can access real time data and statistics on the activity performed by Instavy. This useful Instagram centric bot also allows the clients to decide which connected Instavy account will follow the users from a saved search.

Search for new photos with Inlike

Inlike is another useful Instagram bot offered by Midrub. This bot allows the clients to search new photographs on Instagram based on hashtags. Clients can like or unlike the photographs either manually or automatically. Inlike also provides real-time usage data and statistics to the clients on its activities. With the use of Inlike, the clients can see the owner of each photograph and a direct link.

Follow specific accounts with Dmitas

Dmitas is a helpful bot which allows the clients to follow back all the new followers to an account and send private messages to the followed accounts also. This bot is very user-friendly and easy to use. It needs to be enabled and the account for which it has to work has to be selected by the client. The bot also lets the clients add different and custom messages for each account. The Dmitas bot shows the clients the new followers in a list and also notifies them if a new message has been received.

The major benefits of Instagram marketing with the aid of Midrub are as follows.

Instagram popularity grows every day

Instagram has more than 500 million daily users and 800 million monthly users. Hence advertising on it provides a wide outreach to the brands. Their brands can enjoy a large global audience. If a business does not promotes its products and services on Instagram then it misses out on this large audience. It can be thought of as an extension marketing in addition to the traditional marketing channels.

Strong call to action

Instagram has a strong call to action figure. It is estimated that at least one-third of total Instagram users have used it to make an online purchase. Instagram users are 70% more likely to make a purchase than non-Instagram users. This means that out of total of 800 million users, at least 266 million users have used Instagram to purchase online- this is a huge figure for the marketers. In addition, 75% of Instagram users have taken positive action like visiting the website after seeing an advertisement on Instagram. This can lead to sales. Even if they do not purchase after visiting the website, they are adding to the organic traffic. Moreover, such users can be retargeted again with Instagram advertisements in a better and more effective manner, which can lead them to make the purchase.

Targeted advertisements

As Instagram has been taken over by Facebook, its targeting features matches with the latter. It allows the marketers to prepare highly segmented and targeted advertisements, which provide better results than non-targeted advertisements. Using Instagram, advertisements can be done considering the demographics, interests, hobbies etc. of the potential customers. Users can also be retargeted using Instagram advertisement. It means targeting potential customers again who have seen the website earlier and are aware of the business and brand. Instagram scores heavily over other social media platforms which do not have this specific targeting and retargeting features.

Building brand loyalty

In addition to the paid advertisements, Instagram also has organic functionality. This means it can help businesses achieve results without having to pay. Instagram allows for building of followers organically. This helps to build an organic bond between the businesses and the potential customers. The more followers a business gets, the more other followers also start following the business on Instagram. It is estimated that 50% of the total Instagram users follow brands anyways. This has serious implications for brands as about 400 million users are anyways likely to follow them. When an Instagram user follows a brand, they can visit the website and there are good chances of them getting converted into regular customers.

Better engagement with customers

Using Midrub, the businesses can engage with the potential customers on Instagram in a meaningful and better way. It helps create awareness on the business and brands. The companies can know the likes and preferences of the potential customers and can connect with them better. It all leads to better social media management and brand building, which is highly beneficial in the long-run.

Measurable metrics

Midrub provides the businesses to access clear and measurable metrics of their digital marketing campaign on Instagram. The clients can get to know their spends on Instagram advertising and key metrics like total outreach, views, number of followers generated, call to action etc. This can help them evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and help to design better campaigns in the future.


Instagram is a popular social media platform with a wide reach. It is becoming highly popular for digital marketing due to its features like specific targeting, retargeting, organic functions etc. Using Midrub for Instagram advertising can be very effective and beneficial for the businesses to drive the sales and profitability in the long-run.

There are many social media management tools like Midrub. The most popular are Hootsuite and Buffer. There are some others worth mentioning like PromoRepublic, Agorapulse and Sociable. All of them are Software as a Service (SaaS).

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