Drop – a unique business model to let manufacturers meet customers

Drop formerly Massdrop

A manufacture may not always know that what to produce or the item that are being produced by them will have demand or not! In such situation sometimes whatever is produced by them does not get market and their production goes in vain. The result is loss. Drop (formerly Massdrop) has come as a saviour to many manufacturers as they are the connection between the manufacturer and the customers.

How Drop (formerly Massdrop) helps?

Massdrop is an online platform that allows the end-users to gather together for buying any particular product. After quite some people have the same kind of demand the manufacturer are intimated by the website and they start manufacturing the product. Thus, it makes it sure for the manufacturer that whatever they are manufacturing will get a market around the world. The manufacturer knows that after completing manufacturing the product they do have to spend dollars for advertising the products and keep them promoting. The orders are placed only when there is demand and thus the manufacturer does not have to worry about its promoting.

Only high quality products… almost

The question is what role is Drop (formerly Massdrop) playing here? Naturally, it is playing a crucial role whereby it ensures that the consumers are getting the same quality product that they have ordered for. Before they start promoting the product on their website they ensure that they know about the quality of the product. This way they can ensure the consumers that they will get such and such quality products. The consumers will then place the order for the products.

Massive orders mean lower price

At the other end the manufacturer gets advantages from Drop (formerly Massdrop) as they place order in bulk. Means that the overall cost of production of each unit reduces! They can buy products in bulk and produce in bulk. They are assured that their products already have a market. It helps them in deciding whether they are produce the products at once or take some time depending upon the type of demand they have.

Are customers always satisfied?

Drop (formerly Massdrop) have come a long way from its inception with the same policy which shows that this way they are able to satisfy their customers. If they wouldn’t had then the number of customers of their website wouldn’t had increased over in the period. The concept is very simple. They will place ads for different products and buyers will ask for any product that they wish to buy. The product that has the highest demand will be chosen for placing order. The consumers will pay advance ensuring that when the product is ready they will surely buy it.

Longer delivery times

However, there is one problem that is faced by the consumers. They do not get the delivery of the product fast. They have to wait for the product to be manufactured and delivered. Sometimes the manufacturer delays in the process. Massdrop takes action against such manufacturer to ensure that they are able to satisfy their customers with the promised delivery period. Overall the customers are satisfied with the experience.

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