Best visitor session recording tools on the market


For an ambitious web marketer it is necessary to understand how their visitor behaves when they visit the website. It is now possible to know with the help of visitor recording and session replay tools. They help you know where the visitors clicks most, when do they scroll the page and which pages are most visited and which are avoided. There are many software out there that helps in fetching the right data.


It is one of the most popular visitor recording and session replay tool available in the market as on date. This software allows the users to watch the actual activities of the visitors in the website. After the session is recorded Hotjar users may add tags, take notes of different actions by visitors, share the recordings. It alos allows the users to create customizable surveys and heatmaps and feedback polls too.


Mouseflow is comparatively an older player in the field of Visitor recording and session replay tools. It also tracks the clicks, scrolls, mouse movement and forms just like Hotjar. From this tool too heatmaps can be seen which shows that where the visitors do mainly interacts during the session. Along with that it has Form analytics which shows that why a visitor abandons the site after some time.


When looking for a qualitative analysis of the activities of the visitors at different websites and apps Smartlook provides smart solutions with its different features. More than 200,000 businesses use it to understand the ‘why’ behind each activity of their users. It will show you what the last visitor has done at your website and app and also let you know about the specific things that the users do. It will further help you to build the conversion funnel that will allow you to know the conversion rate nada los understand why users are leaving the website without any activity. The heatmaps available in the system let you know about those specific points that are mostly used.


In order to optimize the web pages and enhance the app features Hoverowl collects and then analyzes the visitor recording and their sessions during their visit to the website. It also provides heatmap analysis just like any other software. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it provide useful information about the source of the visitors, their locations and the time that they visit.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange provides users with the data regarding visitor recording, heat mapping, form analytics and conversion funnels. It also has real time visitor map that shows the time when the visitor is using the platform and also how many of them are there at any particular moment. Users also get data with the help of which they can filter and segment recordings to understand why visitors are dropping off.

Each of the above and all other visitor recording and session replay tools have their own pros and cons. Before you choose any you need to understand which is most suited for your business.

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